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March 27, 2024 to the end of October 26, 2024
Themes of the competition

Using STEM skills to research and propose solutions to solve local or social problems in one of four areas: Society, Environment, Education, Medical & Health towards sustainable development.

Meanings of the competition

Solve for Tomorrow là cuộc thi dành cho học sinh THCS & THPT (với sự hướng dẫn của giáo viên), khuyến khích các em chủ động nghiên cứu và ứng dụng giáo dục STEM để giải quyết những vấn đề của địa phương. 

Solve for Tomorrow is a competition for Middle and High school students (under the supervision of teachers) to actively explore and use the STEM toolkit to solve local problems.


Samsung Vietnam

Organizing Agency

Junior Achievement Vietnam (JA Vietnam)


From April 12, 2023 to the end of November 11, 2023


  • Participants:
    • Group A - Middle School students across Vietnam (from grade 6 to grade 9)
    • Group B - Highschool students across Vietnam (from grade 10 to grade 12)
  • Language: Vietnamese 
  • Participation form: students need to register in group and note: 
    • Each group includes the following member: (i) 01 teacher  - directly support student to complete their entry; (ii) each groups has a minimum of 02 students and a maximum of 04 students  
    • A teacher can supervise more than 01 group simultaneously
    • A student can only register to only 01 singular team  
Preliminary Round

Preliminary round: Including 2 activities (a) Training & (b) Submitting Entry 

Timeline: April 12, 2023 - July 02, 2023 

a. Training:  

  • Students will participate in online training course 
  • Training format:  
    • Learning through teaching videos
    • Online learning platform (via Zoom)
  • Training timeline: From April 12, 2023  to July 02, 2023 
  • Training content: Design Thinking
  • Teachers will join in the online training course via Zoom platform.
  • Training platform: Online (via Zoom)
  • Training timeline: From April 12, 2023 to October 31, 2023
  • Training content: Design Thinking
  • Note:  
    • Training content for teachers and students nationwide is completely free  

b. Submitting online entry:

  • Turned in Time: From April 12,2023 to 23:59 July 02, 2023
  • Format: Submitting entry online via website following the steps: 
  • Steps: 
    • Step 1: Each team read the detail instruction, and existing form (in Word or Powerpoint) on website 
    • Step 2: Team representative (01 member in each team) creates account on website (Note: fill in the information clearly following the instruction) 
    • Step 3:  team representative (01 member in each team) use the registered account to upload online submission entry on
    • Step 4: Team representative (01 member in each team) chooses “online entry” and the equivalent group to turn in the entry (Group A - Middle School; or Group B - High School), fill in the registered information and upload the entry following the instruction on

The valid entry implemented in the following instruction:

  • The entry file is named with the exact form of syntax:
    1. [Group A Middle School ]_[Province/City]_[School name]_[Team Name] (Example: Group A Middle School_ Hanoi_Giang Vo Middle School_ Team ABC).
    2. [Group B High School]_[Province/City]_[School name]_[Team Name] (Example: Group B High School_Hanoi_Tran Phu High School_ Team DEF)
  • Entry implemented in Word or Powerpoint must completely ensure all the following parts:
    • Entry theme
    • Reason for selected theme
    • Research methods
    • Ideas and solutions to complete the prototype
    • Implementation process and feasibility of the solution in practice
    • Financial plan and project implementation
    • Appendix
  • During the entry timeline of the Preliminary Round, the teams have the right to add information and update the content of the submitted entries on the system. Each content submitted from 1 registered account on website  is considered as 01 entry, so the competition team needs to re-submit all the specified information in each update and only use 01 account to contact the Organizers.


  • Each team only needs 01 member account to upload an online entry.

  • Each team only uses 01 account to contact the Organizers. The Organizers only clarify the entry content based on the last receivement, at the expired submitting date.

  • Entries are applications that have never been published in the mass media or have not been awarded any similar competition

Announcing the Preliminary Result: 

  • Top 40 highest scores ( including 20 teams of Group A - Middle School and 20 teams of Group B - High School will be directly contacted by online letter and phone to announce joining the Prototype Round.
  • The Results will be officially announced on website on July 31, 2023.
Prototype Round

Time: August 01, 2023 – October 01, 2023 
Format: In this round, the teams will submit their entries following steps below: 

  • Step 1: From the recognized idea in the Preliminary Round, each team develops it into a prototype. The operation function is changeable based on the practical situation; however, it must follow the same solutions recognized by the Organizers since the preliminary round.
  • Step 2: The team's record a video presenting the project: 
    • Duration: maximum 15 minutes
    • Format: close-up shot conveying visual of the prototype and ensuring sufficient team members in the video.
    • Content: 
      • Introduction
      • Role of each member in the team
      • Idea/Solution of the prototype
      • Prototype Description
      • Steps to complete the prototype 
  • Step 3: Each team sends the entry including (1) Presentation video introducing the project and (2) Prototype instructing file in Word or Powerpoint
  • Step 4: Each team turns in the entry Prototype Round via mail ( allow to submit under file or link - in case of large video clip) 

Requirements of the prototype size: not exceed the regulated size: width 1m x length 1.5m

Summiting deadline: before 23:59 October 01, 2023.  

To support teams completing the models, the Organizers will supplement 2 compulsory training programs as prescribe in the following information: 

     a. Expert advisor (Online):

  • Content: the expert panel will support and accompany with TOP 40 teams in the Prototype Round (via MS teams)
  • Expected time: 03 classes from August 01, 2023 to September 30,2023 scheduled by the Organizers. 

     b. In-person training: 

  • Target: (1) Middle School Student and (2) High School Student 
  • The Training course includes:  
    • Application technology knowledge  
    • Soft skills
  • Time: Each Group (Group A - Middle School or Group B - High School) will join in a 1-day training program (2 classes)  from August 01,2023 to September 30, 2023 scheduled by Organizers.
  • Format: Gather-in-group training - 20 teams of the Northern Region in Hanoi, 20 teams of the Central & Southern Region in Ho Chi Minh City. All team members need to attend, and teachers are in charge of allocating students as Organizer’s regulation. 

Announcement of the Prototype Round Result: 

  • Top 20 highest scores will be will be directly contact by online letter and phone to announce the result of the Prototype Round ( including 10 teams of Group A - Middle School and 10 teams of Group B - High School), in detail:
    • 10 teams with the Innovation Prize will be contacted via online letter and phone to announce the result in the Final Round (including 05 teams of Group A - Middle School and 05 teams of Group B - High School)
    • 10 remaining teams will attend the Final Round of Solve for Tomorrow 2023 (including 05 teams of Group A - Middle School and 05 teams of Group B - High School) to introduce the prototype at the exhibition booth

The result will be officially announced on website on October 15,2023.

Note: The teams in the Prototype Round will receive financial support from the Organizers with a budget of VND 10,000,000 to complete their submissions. The financial support will be sent to each team when the Prototype Round ends to ensure the team’s responsibility and commitment to completing the Round.

Final Round

Timeline for TOP 10 teams attending the final round to finish the prototype: October 16,2023 – November 11,2023


  • The expert panel will continue to support and accompany with TOP 10 teams for the preparation of the Final Round (via MS Teams).

  • Expected Time: 2 classes from October 16,2023 to November 10, 2023 scheduled by Organizers

Expected Final Round date: November 11, 2023 

Final round’s content: 

  • The prototype booth 
  • Presentation of the prototype and  answering the questions confronting the Jury. 

Venue: announced later by the Organizers

How to move: teams will be supported in travel and accommodation expenses when participating in Final Round (maximum 04 Students and 01 teacher).  

Format: on-stage project presentation.

  • Each team will have a maximum of 15 minutes to present and 5 minutes to answer questions from the Jury.
  • Each team must prepare one poster, no larger than A0 size (1189mm x 841mm), to introduce the team's project at the Final's exhibition space. 
  • TOP 20 TEAMS must be present at the Final Round venue. The absent team will be regarded forfeited and will not get the associated awards and support for the Final Round team. 
  • The Prize Ceremony and Final Round results will be conducted  and announced on the same day 


Prize tiers

1. Movement Prize:   

NORTHERN REGION (From Da Nang City to the North Region) 

  • 05 prizes worth 25,000,000 VND, 01 Samsung product for the Top 5 Provinces and Cities with the highest rate of students participating in online learning.

  • 10 prizes worth 20,000,000 VND, 01 Samsung product for the Top 10 schools with the highest percentage of students participating in online learning.

SOUTHERN REGION (from Quang Nam province to Southern region) 

  • 05 prizes worth 25,000,000 VND, 01 Samsung product for the Top 5 Provinces and Cities with the highest rate of students participating in online learning.

  • 10 prizes worth 20,000,000 VND, 01 Samsung product for the Top 10 schools with the highest percentage of students participating in online learning.

2. FINAL ROUND’s Prizes: 

  • 02 First prizes (01 for Middle School and 01 for High School) includes VND 30,000,000 cash/ team; Samsung product worth VND 30,000,000/ student,teacher.
  • 02 Second prizes (01 for Middle School and 01 for  High School): includes VND 15,000,000 cash/team; Samsung product worth VND 30,000,000/ student,teacher
  • 06 Third prizes (03 for  Middle School and 3 for High School): includes VND 10,000,000 cash/team; Samsung product worth VND 15,000,000/ student, teacher
  • 10 Innovation Prizes (05 for Middle School and 05 for High School): Samsung product worth VND 10,000,000/ student, teacher
  • 02 Community’s Choice Prize (01 for Middle School and 1 for High School): 01 Samsung product worth VND 5,000,000/ student, teacher
  • 02 Prizes for the School with the first prize teams (01 for Middle School and 01 for High School): a sponsor of 01 STEM makerspace from Samsung

Students and Teachers attending the competition commit to strictly and fully comply with the instructions of the Organizers; at the same time; arrange schedules to attend to following requirements if passing the preliminary round and being selected for the next round: 

  1. For the Prototype Round: 
    • Expert advisor: Teams are required to participate in the Expert Advisor session.The teams do not arbitrarily change the time of professional counselling sessions as arranged by the Organizers. 
    • Training: Teams are required to participate in online training sessions according to the time arranged by the Organizers.
    • Prototype Development: The team instructor is responsible for obtaining permission from the Administrators & Parents and assisting in scheduling time to facilitate students to complete the prototype
  2. For the Final Round: The teams will gather for the Final Round in Hanoi scheduled for November 11, 2022. The teacher in charge is responsible for obtaining permission from the Administrators & Parents and assisting in scheduling time to facilitate the Student's participation in the Final Round.  
  3. In case the teams chosen to advance to the next round are unable to attend according to the timetable, they must respond to the Organizers within 24 hours so the Organizers will select the next high-scoring team instead.


danh từ


As a participant

  • Participant attending the Prototype Round and Final Round will need to submit the clarifying paper including: (i) Verification of student activities/work unit of the Middle School and High School that you are studying/teaching; (ii) Permission of Absence of the Middle School and High School that you are studying/teaching; (iii) Parental (or Legal Guardian) Involvement Commitment/Consent with Authorization of Guardianship for the Teacher in charge. 
  • Teacher needs to bring the personal identification matching with the registered information in the Prototype Round. If the personal information is invalid, the Organizers have the authority not to accept the right of participants. 
  • Participants who are absent in the in-person Training Program at the Prototype Round will be committed to the play deprivation. In case the participants have the force majeure thereby incapable of attending the Training Program, the teams must announce at least 03 days before the training day to the Organizers by online letter and phone call.
  • In case participants have a force majeure problem and cannot continue to participate in the Prototype round, the team is only allowed to replace one student, provided that they notify Organizers at least 1 week in advance by email immediately after receiving the result notification at Prototype Round. In case the substitute student does not guarantee the time to attend the Online Training Program, the competition team will be considered as absent 01 member. 
  • In case any team is deprived after verifying relatives at the Prototype  Round, the Organizers will choose the next high-scoring team instead. 
  • The team is not obliged to change any members in The Final Round. 
  • At least 02 members of each team must be present on training days, in prototype presentation video and/or in the Final Round day to receive the result recognition. The final prize is only delivered to members present in the competition, absent members cannot receive the prize of winners. 
Regulations about Participants

  • Participants agree to answer on their own, not to copy answers from online sources or published publications, and to acknowledge that the product has not been registered for intellectual property protection by any individual or organization. 
  • Participants must ensure that all entries have been submitted successfully to the Organizers. We are not liable for any technical faults that lead participants to fail to submit entries within the given time range. 
  • The participants agree to completely indemnify the Organizers for all royalties, expenses, and other money incurred as a result of anyone's or any reason's breach of any of the foregoing.. 
  • By submitting entries, each participant has agreed to: (a) warrant that the contribution DOES NOT contain any illegal information, infringes upon any copyright, intellectual property right, or other right, or contains any unlawful or unethical information, content, or material of any type; (b) warrant that all contributions are the entrant's original work and have not previously been used or awarded in any other contest, (c1) in any case, violation of any provision of any other agreement to which the participant may be a related party, IS NOT ACCEPTED, (c2) the contribution does not contain libellous or other content that would violate any state or local law or regulation, (c3) In any other context, obscenity and illegality ARE NOT ALLOWED, (c4) warrant not to offer the Organizers to pay or incur any costs as a result of the use or exploitation of this contest content by the participant or any individual or entity.
  • Winners agree to be approached by the Organizer and Sponsor or authorized PR (public relations) officers in order to participate in public relations activities related to the campaign in order to generate press coverage of the contest. This material may include, but is not limited to, quotes offered for use in press releases, press conferences, interviews, etc. 
  • The Organizers have  the right to withdraw entries from the competition that, in the Organizer's judgement, do not conform with the rules and regulations. Entries with inaccurate or incorrect information may fall into this category.
Regulations about prizes

  • Acceptance of any prize includes the winner's approval to the Organizers and Sponsor or PR (public relations) officers contacting and using the winner's name, image, photo, voice, and/or likeness for publication, advertising, promotion, marketing, and/or other purposes at no additional cost. When a winner accepts any prize, the Organizers and Sponsor, or their authorized PR (public relations) officers, will not be liable for any claims, causes of action, and/or damages of any kind to which the laureate may be subject, whether identified or not at this time, arising out of or in connection with: (i) competition, (ii) personal injury and/or property damage, theft or loss from the winner due to use of the prize, and/or (iii) any tax liability in connection with the contest, prize and/or use of the prize.
  • Winners will also be notified separately by email and/or registered phone while participating in the program, and will be needed to confirm by email within 07 (seven) days of notification being sent. The Organizers have the right to make decisions about unclaimed prizes in any way deemed suitable. 
  • All questions or concerns about the prizes will be received, considered, and solved within 07 (seven) days of the results being announced. Following this time period, the Organizers have the right to refuse enquiries and complaints about the results.
  • All questions or concerns about the final prize will be received, considered, and solved within 15 (fifteen) days of the results being announced. Following this time period, the Organizers have the right to refuse enquiries and complaints about the results.
  • The prizes will be delivered directly to the winners based on the information registered and verified with the Organizers within 45 (forty-five) days of the Organizers sending an email of the winner announcement. The Organizers shall not be held responsible if the winner enters or verifies incorrect information. 

  • The Organizers shall not be taken responsible for any loss, damage, or disappointment caused by candidates or by accepting the prize. The Organizer are also not responsible for the preservation, return, or non-delivery of entries, as well as lost, late, or incorrectly submitted entries, technological issues, or problems of the telephone network, the global network, the network system, the supplier, the server, the computer equipment, and the computer software; global or telephone network congestion, including damage and loss of computers or phones used by candidates or others to download any competition materials.
  • By participating in the competition, participants acknowledge and agree that the organizers will not be held responsible for any losses or damages (including special, indirect, or consequential damages), nor partners, operators, or employees, for any losses, damages, rights, or actions arising out of the contest or the acceptance of prizes, including, without limitation, personal harm, death, or property damage. 
  • The participants agree and warrant that by submitting the application form, they will not submit any content that: (i) contains content that is hateful, threatening, pornographic, or violent, as well as nudity and gratuitous violence (ii) violates any law, regulation, legal or unethical regulation (including, without limitation, export control, consumer protection, unfair competition, anti-discrimination, treatment, or false advertising); or engage in unlawful defamatory, libellous, hateful, racially or religiously biassed conduct with any person, business relationship, or company; (iii) on behalf of any merchant or manufacturer, or for any entity; (iv) includes any information referencing other websites, addresses, email addresses, contact information, or phone numbers; (v) or contain computer viruses, files or programs capable of causing computer damage.
Personal Information Usage

  • When participating in the competition, participants agree with the use of name and/or registered information on the registering form, without honorarium, for advertising purposes and promotion of the Organizing unit & Sponsor unit.. 
  • For any personal information that participants supply to the Organizers or Sponsor from this registering form, each individual attending the competition admits that: Participants are permitted to disclose the given information; announcing the information is appropriate with any securities regulation from any countries, within the geographical scope of the competition, and agrees with the use of information from the Organizers as estimated in the competition rules (including but not limiting, supplying information to outside unites of the Organizers or the third parties).
  • The Organizers and stake-holders respect privacy rights of any individuals accessing the website and have responses to our advertisements and competition. Please read the privacy regulation for detail. 
Disclaimer Terms

The Organizer has taken efforts to prevent unrelated third parties from downloading all materials uploaded on the websites. However, if the situation described above persists, the Organizers will not be accountable for any resulting damages.

Other Rules

  • If the participants break the rules or applicable laws, the prize will be forfeited immediately. 
  • The decision of the Organizers to select a winner is final, and participants will not be permitted to appeal or dispute the decision once it has been made.
  • The winner is responsible for paying personal income tax arising from the prize in accordance with the law (if any). 
  • Prizes are not exchangeable for cash or transferable to anyone else.
  • The Organizers are not responsible for the winner’s dissatisfaction with the prize merchandise. After obtaining the prize, the winners are solely responsible for using and preserving the winning product. 
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Call center: 0981 793 336 - 0246 685 2255 (Hotline) 

Working time: 9:00 - 12:00 and 13:30 - 17:30 Monday to Friday - from April 12, 2023 to the end of November 11, 2023. 

Answer general information
about the contest
issues related to the Website
08h30 - 12h30 & 13h30 - 17h30
Days from Monday to Friday during
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- Thời gian nộp bài thi: trước 23h59p ngày 01.10.2023.

- Hình thức: nộp bài thi trực tuyến theo hướng dẫn

- Cách thức thực hiện:

▪ Bước 1: Các đội thi tham khảo hướng dẫn chi tiết và mẫu bài dự thi (dưới dạng Word hoặc Powerpoint)

▪ Bước 2: Đại diện đội thi dùng tài khoản đã học trực tuyến để thực hiện việc đăng tải bài thi trực tuyến

▪ Bước 3: Đội thi chọn “Nộp bài thi trực tuyến”, điền thông tin đăng ký, lựa chọn Bảng thi tương ứng để nộp bài dự thi (Bảng A – Học sinh THCS; Hoặc Bảng B – Học sinh THPT) và đăng tải bài dự thi

- Bài dự thi hợp lệ là bài thi thực hiện theo đúng hướng dẫn như sau:

▪ Tên file bài dự thi được đặt tên theo cú pháp

1. [Bảng A THCS]_[Tỉnh/Thành phố]_[Tên Trường]_[Tên đội] (VD: Bảng A THCS_Hà Nội_Trường THCS Giảng Võ_ Đội ABC).

2. [Bảng B THPT]_[Tỉnh/Thành phố]_[Tên Trường]_[Tên đội] (VD: Bảng B THPT_Hà Nội_Trường THPT Trần Phú_ Đội DEF).

▪ Bài dự thi được thực hiện dưới dạng Word hoặc Powerpoint phải đảm bảo đầy đủ các phần sau:

1. Đề tài dự thi

2. Lý do chọn đề tài

3. Phương pháp tìm hiểu vấn đề

4. Ý tưởng về giải pháp

5. Giải pháp thực hiện mô hình mẫu

6. Quy trình thử nghiệm giải pháp

7. Tính khả thi của giải pháp

8. Kế hoạch tài chính dự kiến

9. Kế hoạch triển khai thực hiện dự án

10. Phụ lục

- Đội thi chỉ được công nhận đủ điều kiện nộp bài dự thi khi mỗi thành viên đội thi đã hoàn thành Khoá Đào Tạo Trực Tuyến và nhận mã hoàn thành khoá học.

- Trong thời hạn nộp bài của Vòng Sơ Khảo, đội thi được quyền bổ sung thông tin, cập nhật nội dung bài dự thi đã gửi trên hệ thống. Mỗi nội dung được gửi từ 01 tài khoản đã đăng ký trên website được xem là 01 bài dự thi, do đó đội thi cần gửi lại toàn bộ các thông tin quy định trong mỗi lần cập nhật và chỉ dùng 01 tài khoản để liên lạc với BTC. Trong trường hợp đội thi muốn gửi bài dự thi lần 02, lần 03, … tên file bài dự thi phải đặt theo cú pháp:

1. [Bảng A THCS]_[Tỉnh/Thành phố]_[Tên Trường]_[Tên đội]_[Gửi lại lần 02/03/…] (VD: Bảng A THCS_Hà Nội_Trường THCS Giảng Võ_ Đội ABC_ Gửi lại lần 02).

2. [Bảng B THPT]_[Tỉnh/Thành phố]_[Tên Trường]_[Tên đội]_[Gửi lại lần 02/03/…] (VD: Bảng B THPT_Hà Nội_Trường THPT Trần Phú_ Đội DEF_ Gửi lại lần 02).

- Lưu ý quan trọng:

▪ Đội thi chỉ dùng 01 tài khoản để liên lạc với BTC. BTC chỉ căn cứ trên nội dung Lần gửi cuối cùng nhận được từ đội thi tại thời điểm hết hạn nộp bài để xác định nội dung bài thi.

▪ Đối với bài dự thi được gửi trong thời gian quy định, BTC sẽ gửi email phản hồi xác nhận trong vòng 48 giờ tính từ thời điểm nhận được bài dự thi. Nếu quá thời hạn trên mà đội thi vẫn chưa nhận được phản hồi, vui lòng liên hệ:

Hotline BTC Cuộc thi: 0981 793 336 – 0246 685 2255

▪ Bài dự thi là ứng dụng chưa từng được công bố trên các phương tiện thông tin đại chúng hoặc chưa từng được giải thưởng của các cuộc thi tương tự đã được tổ chức.

- Công bố kết quả Vòng Sơ Khảo:

▪ 40 đội thi có số điểm cao nhất (trong đó có 20 đội Bảng A - THCS và 20 đội Bảng B – THPT) sẽ được liên hệ trực tiếp bằng thư điện tử và điện thoại để thông báo tham dự Vòng Phát Triển Sản Phẩm.

▪ Kết quả sẽ được công bố chính thức tại website dự kiến vào ngày 15.10.2023.




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